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Create great-looking documentation for your products. 

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About weDocs

How You Can Make Easy-To-Follow Docs With It

You can host docs inside your WordPress, create/add new docs, organize with ordering, 

tags and even fetch docs from external sites using this plugin.

This plugin is extremely handy for delivering long and detailed documentation of your 

WordPress product/plugin by bundling this with it.

weDocs makes browsing and creating documentation a fresh and streamlined experience 

within the familiarity of your WP environment.

The Right Knowledge

Base Plugin for You

In WordPress, keeping documentations simple was not very simple until weDocs was launched.

Super Easy
to Use

Creating and organizing documentation is a complex task.
The best part of weDocs is that its intuitive design makes it
super easy to use. It is as simple as creating any other
pages on WordPress.

Compatible with
WordPress Search

The documentation created with weDocs are compatible
with WordPress Search. So when a user searches a term in
the WordPress search box the documentation pages with the
related keyword will show up.

with WordPress
Language Plugin

weDocs is compatible with Weglot, the language plugin for
WordPress. That means it is very simple to create
multilingual documentations with weDocs. With Weglot
you can translate documentations to 100+ languages.

Top Features for You

The plugin is simple but it’s got all the feature to be a
one-stop solution

Document Creation

You can use nested documentations
organized with sections and subsections
nested one inside another.

SEO Compatibility

You can optimize your documentations for
search engines with weDocs for better
visibility on search results pages.

Tag Management

You can create, use, and manage multiple
tags for your documentations with weDocs
to better organize them.

Drag and Drop
to Sorting

Sorting documentations is super easy with
weDocs with the drag and drop feature.


weDocs is intuitive to use. A few clicks and you have your
first documentation online. Digging more into it reveals a lot of
possibilities to adjust it to your needs. When I first started
using it I made a little blog post about how it grew on me.

George Lewe

The Best WordPress
Knowledge Base Plugin