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If you are coming from a SaaS platform and want to host your docs on your own, weDocs can help you get started in minutes All docs created by weDocs live inside your WordPress instance. You own 100% data, no lock-in. Create/edit/add from one centralized platform with ease weDocs is exceptionally lightweight. In the SEO realm, where page size matters, weDocs excels by keeping it sleek, sparing your website from ranking penalties

Experience the power of weDocs while creating and organizing Knowledge bases, Wikis, and Documentation


Whether it is an internal KB/Wiki or publicly accessible doc – weDocs can cover it all with superior permission management


weDocs in Action!

Witness weDocs come to life as Mr. Web demonstrates its robust features in real-time. From intuitive
document creation to seamless collaboration, this video provides a firsthand look at how weDocs
can revolutionize your documentation process.

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Crafting clarity and simplicity in WordPress documentation, wiki, and knowledge base


Where Simplicity
Sparks Genius

Discover the magic of weDocs — where simplicity meets
productivity. Effortlessly create new docs with just a few
clicks and organize your documentation as smooth as a
breeze. Unleash your creativity with weDocs’ intuitive design,
making documentation a piece of cake


Drag and Drop
to Sorting

Efficiently sort and organize your documentations with
weDocs using the user-friendly drag and drop feature.
Organize the contents as per your needs or based on

different hierarchy

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Find answers in a flash
with weDocs search

Stop wasting time and start finding what you need seamlessly with weDocs Ajax live search. Available on both Free and Pro versions.
Get a quick search option for your docs on your live site with 3 different search templates (Default, Bootstrap, Tailwind). You can instantly find any doc and where the doc is located as well

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with WordPress
Language Plugin

weDocs is compatible with Weglot, the language plugin for WordPress. That means it is very simple to create multilingual documentations with weDocs. With Weglot you can translate documentations to 100+ languages.


Your WordPress, Your
Docs – Your Style!

Customize weDocs just the way you like it. Mix and match different themes, or use your own documentation style – weDocs supports it all.

Use pre-made awesome-looking templates (e.g., Tailwind Docs style/Bootstrap 4 docs style)

Use your own templates


weDocs is your all-in-one documentation/knowledgebase platform

Making WordPress documentation effortless, one doc at a time


Create and manage multiple KBs

Create and manage multiple knowledge bases effortlessly within weDocs. You can even set separate permissions on each KBs


Embed anywhere using a shortcode

Use [wedocs] shortcode to effortlessly integrate weDocs content across your site, including Elementor and other page builders, with simplicity


Use tags to better categorize

Improve documentation organization with weDocs by creating, using, and managing multiple tags effectively for better organization


Use sub-sections with ease

You can use 3-level nested documentation, separated by different sections and sub-sections, to organize the docs just as you want them


Easily master SEO-optimized documentation

weDocs integrates with the most popular SEO plugins, including Yoast SEO, All in One SEO, RankMath, Slim SEO, and more


Migrate effortlessly from other plugins

Migrate seamlessly from Betterdocs to weDocs with our user-friendly tool, ensuring a hassle-free transition. Get started in minutes

Easy permission management, built-in. Change editing/viewing access to public/private as you wish

Managing internal or external knowledge base is straightforward with weDocs


Global Doc
Permission feature

Use custom role management to fine-tune Permissions

Fine-tune users’ access to documentation. For example, you can give reading access only to specific roles and allow both reading/writing access to other roles.

You can nest documentation under sections to better manage it



Make Docs private or public based on your chosen criteria. Private docs can only be viewed after the user logs in

Turn any publicly viewable Doc to a Private doc anytime. Users would be required to log in to view Internal Docs

Did you ever try to restrict access to certain Docs/articles only? With weDocs, you can block all Docs or restrict access to single documentation

Assistant Widget is no less
than a magical genie 🧞‍♂️

weDocs learns from your docs. Experience the enchantment of weDocs AI Chat, powered by ChatGPT.


A.I. ChatBot

weDocs AI bot learns from your documentation and answers it. This is ChatGPT for your Docs. An AI bot continuously learns from your docs and user queries and gets trained by a GPT3.5 model. All website is individually trained to make sure the bot answers with the most accuracy.

The AI bot can reduce your support queries by up to 73% and the audience can get the right information just by asking the bot. Easy, peasy, and absolutely magical!

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Tired of answering the same questions over and over again? Want to show the most frequently accessed docs without even users asking them? The Explore tab of the Assistant Widget shows the most commonly accessed and popular docs straightforwardly, ensuring the audience doesn’t miss the essential docs.

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Select Option to Open
Documents with Assistant

With the assistant widget, you can now show documentation
exclusively on the Assistant widget – ensuring the visitors get
instant help while having more options to see other
This is also available for the OG WordPress classic editor, along
with Gutenberg

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Expertly crafted floating
contact form to connect with your audience

Are you looking for a way for your users to communicate with you right from the widget? With weDocs, you can. This works as a simple floating contact form for your WordPress website, accessible from the widget itself.

An intuitive floating contact form that lives on the bottom
the right corner
of your website

Let your customers contact you right from the widget
itself. Simple yet effective

Built-in spam blocking using Cloudflare Turnstile

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The weDocs UI is fully customizable (change colors, texts, custom icons, background color, active tab color, inactive tab color, send button color, bubble background color, tab arrangement order, & more), and you can edit according to your branding preferences.

Color Palletes

Use pre-defined color palettes to customize your
Assistant Widget

Custom Colors

Use custom colors to customize each element of the
Assistant Widget