8 Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins for 2023

A knowledge base is actually a centralized repository of information. It provides users easy access to relevant tutorials, guides, FAQs, and documentation so they can find quick solutions to any common questions or problems they come across.

When running a successful business website, whether for selling products, services, or software, maintaining a well-organized knowledge base is a must. This article will introduce you to some best WordPress Knowledge base plugins. Get started!

What is a WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin

A WordPress knowledge base plugin is a tool or extension that allows you to create and manage a comprehensive knowledge base or documentation section seamlessly on your WordPress website.

Although you can publish unlimited content through posts and pages, you cannot maintain a separate documentation section with this approach. Using a knowledge base plugin can make this process handy with many benefits. For example:

  • You can create separate categories for different types of documentation and display them all on one page.
  • Features like quick search and easy navigation can help users quickly locate the guide/doc they are looking for.
  • You can shuffle and instantly move the doc files from one category to another.

Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins to Look Now

You’ll find tons of plugins in WordPress repositories to create comprehensive knowledge bases easily. But most of them have unique features and functionalities. In this section, we’ll discuss some best WordPress knowledge-base plugins and highlight their features.

  1. Heroic Knowledge Base
  2. Echo Knowledge Base
  3. BetterDocs
  4. weDocs
  5. Helpie WP
  6. BasePress
  7. HelpCrunch
  8. Yada Wiki

1. Heroic Knowledge Base

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base is also known as the Heroic KB plugin. This is one of the most popular knowledge base plugins among WordPress users. It has a polished clean interface in the front and back, along with many useful features.

The plugin, by default, comes with some modern design that will automatically stylize your articles and make them look professional. If you ever feel like customizing them, you can do this without any design skills.

Key Features of the Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin

  • Creates a searchable knowledge base with a search field
  • Built-in analytics display how visitors search your knowledge base
  • Analytic reports show if you are missing any important documentation
  • Gets you feedback from real visitors
  • Display the knowledge base anywhere on your website like a chatbot
  • User restrictions can prevent unregistered users from the knowledge base
  • Creates product doc, technical doc, user guide, multilingual base, and more.

Price of Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin

Heroic Knowledge Base Plugin doesn’t have any free version available. Its pricing starts from $299/year with a 14-day refund policy.

2. Echo Knowledge Base

Echo Knowledge Base Plugin

Echo Knowledge Base has an easy setup wizard. It includes 26 captivating templates for the frontend editor with 500 icons. You can use them to give a professional look to your knowledge base. Once the knowledge base is ready, you can fill it with new articles. 

Each article you add is created as a custom post type. You can assign tags and categories to present them in an organized way. Echo Knowledge Base allows you to order articles up to five levels of hierarchical orders.

Key features of the Echo Knowledge Base Plugin

  • Search box with a built-in basic analytics
  • Drag and drop feature for ordering articles
  • Compatible with multisite, multi-language, and WPML
  • Offers three types of layouts: basic, tabs, and category
  • Has integrations with Divi and Elementor
  • Shows real-time search results with Ajax, Breadcrumbs, and comments
  • Includes templates and FAQ shortcodes to display knowledge across your website

Price of Echo Knowledge Base 

The Echo Knowledge Base Plugin has a free version available. Its premium version starts from $105/year with a 30-day refund policy.

3. BetterDocs

BetterDocs Knowledge Base Plugin

BetterDocs is an outstanding knowledge base plugin because both its free and premium versions include a good number of exciting features. Its layouts are skillfully built-in, modern, and customizable by drag-and-drop.

BetterDocs has a good collection of readymade templates. You can use them to create stunning landing pages to present the knowledge base. What’s more, the plugin includes a powerful search option, a floating table of contents, and a knowledge base bot.

Key Features of the BetterDocs Plugin

  • Track and evaluate the knowledge base with analytics
  • The advanced search bar helps you find the exact guide instantly
  • Sends you knowledge performance report through emails
  • User restriction lets you control specific users’ access to internal doc files
  • Has powerful integration with Elementor
  • Creates compelling FAQ section for documentation pages
  • Answer chatbot resolves queries with the exact doc link

Price of BetterDocs 

BetterDocs has a free version. Its premium version starts from $69/year with a 14-day refund policy.

4. weDocs

weDocs Knowledge Base Plugin

weDocs is another promising knowledge base plugin getting popular gradually. The plugin is easy to use and allows you to arrange documentation in different sections, tags, categories, and hierarchical order.

It includes several powerful customization options like the drag-and-drop. Using this feature, you can seamlessly reorder your doc files. The plugin works best if you already have a set of published support guides and want to present them organizationally.

Key Features of weDocs

  • Drag-and-drop ordering
  • Creates multiple knowledge bases
  • Intuitive and user-friendly dashboard
  • Shortcodes allow you to display the knowledge base anywhere on your site
  • Let you display comments on documentation
  • Has integrations with page builders like Divi
  • Takes ratings and feedback from users

Price of weDocs

weDocs is completely free. It doesn’t have a premium version yet.

5. Helpie WP

Helpie WP Knowledge Base Plugin

Helpie WP is a multifunctional knowledge base plugin. It provides you with very easy ways to create a public or private wiki, knowledge base, and product documentation. By creating a public wiki, you can also allow other people to contribute, whether they are outsiders or your team members.

So creating a knowledge base becomes fun with Helpie WP. You can allow users to modify content from the front end. As an admin, you can check the revision history and be authorized to verify, edit, and publish the contributors’ input.

Key features of Helpie WP

  • Creates a wiki and knowledge base separately for teams and customers
  • Has the automatic table of contents and advanced search options
  • Provides insights about the people who like or dislike your posts
  • Customize the docs’ presentation with Helpie’s built-in styling
  • Has integrations with Elementor and many others
  • Sets different levels of permissions for viewing, editing, and approving content

Price of Helpie WP

Helpie WP has a free version available. The premium version starts from $49.99/year with a refund policy.

6. BasePress

BasePress Knowledge Base Plugin

BasePress is an advanced documentation and WordPress knowledge base management plugin. It allows you to build support pages and documentation for your product and services.

BasePress offers you three different templates from which you can choose one that suits perfectly with your website. You can categorize documentation based on tags and categories. After that, you can order them using the drag-and-drop features.

Key features of BasePress

  • Let you create an unlimited section hierarchy
  • Use boxed or list view for sections
  • Icons and breadcrumbs can simplify the navigation
  • The content restriction prevents particular and suspicious users
  • Built-in analytics report you about the most viewed docs
  • Seamlessly provides multisite support

Price of BasePress

BasePress has a free version available. The premium version starts from $199/year with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

7. HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch Knowledge Base Plugin

HelpCrunch can create a comprehensive knowledge base in WordPress, including live chat, chatbot, and email automation. It lets you organize guides and articles neatly in the knowledge base by tags and categories.

Once the plugin is installed, it automatically creates some knowledge base pages in the draft section. You can publish them afterward through rigorous checking. The live chat option lets you provide real-time support to the customers.

Key features of HelpCrunch

  • Creates a comprehensive knowledge base on a subdomain
  • Display the knowledge base through a widget as a self-service hub
  • Built-in analytics tracks the article viewed and reports about the missing guide
  • Helps visitors with smart search suggestions
  • Enables to creation of a multilingual knowledge base
  • The knowledge base color and background are customizable

Price of HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch has a free version available. The premium version starts from $12/month. You can terminate your account at any time. But to be eligible for a refund, you have to notify the HelpCrunch authority about your issue. 

You won’t get a refund if they solve it in 30 days. But if they fail to solve the issue, you will get a refund after the 30-day period.

8. Yada Wiki

Yada Wiki Knowledge Base Plugin

If you are looking for a plugin that doesn’t require a dedicated knowledge base page, you can try the Yada Wiki plugin. This free WordPress plugin creates Wiki custom posts. The plugin allows you to organize posts by tags and categories.

You have to enable the wiki post on the backend and add it to your web menu. You’ll be taken to a new page when you click on the wiki post item. Yada Wiki depends on shortcodes. Once you create a post, you have to add it to the page using shortcodes.

However, the plugin isn’t flexible enough like the other plugins. It doesn’t have the drag-and-drop feature. Beginners have to invest considerable time to get used to the plugin. It doesn’t create a single knowledge base page like the above plugins.

Key feature Yada Wiki

  • Creates Wiki custom post type
  • Automatically adds a table of content
  • The Sidebar widget lets you show recent posts
  • A bit more complex than other plugins

Price of Yada Wiki

Yada Wiki is a free knowledge base plugin. It doesn’t have a premium version yet.

Differences Between Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin

We’ll now highlight the differences between the above plugins based on some major points. This will help you have a quick overview of them in a moment.

PluginsActive InstallationsRatingStarting Price
Heroic Knowledge BaseN/A4.8$299/year
Echo Knowledge Base10,000+5$105/year
Helpie WP10,000+4.6$49.99/year
Yada Wiki2,000+4.9Free


FAQ on Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin

Thanks for reading our article so far. We’ll now answer some additional questions about the best WordPress knowledge base plugin in this section.

Which knowledge base WordPress plugins have integration with Elementor?

Echo Knowledge Base, BetterDocs, and Helpid WP plugins have integrations with Elementor. Some other plugins also have integrations but these three ones are top-notch in terms of versatile features and functionalities.

Which knowledge base WordPress plugins have the drag-and-drop feature?

Echo Knowledge Base, BetterDocs, weDocs, and BasePress have the drag-and-drop feature.

Can WordPress Knowledge Base plugins reach SEO benefits?

Yes, WordPress Knowledge Base plugins can reach you with SEO benefits. However, there are some practices to ensure additional SEO benefits. They are: 

  • Structurize your content by sections, tags, categories, and articles.

  • Optimize with relevant keywords.

  • Do internal linkings.

  • Optimize with schema markup.

What are the major differences between wiki and knowledge base plugins?

Wiki pages are created with the purpose of covering wide target audiences. These pages allow almost any type of user to contribute guides and articles. They are created for collaborative purposes, like helping the in-house team member as well.

Knowledge base plugins usually don’t allow everyone to edit the guide. Only authorized writers and editors have access to this. They aim to create content only for helping customers, not the in-house team.

In which use cases should I create a knowledge base?

If you are selling products or services online, having a knowledge base is a must. But how comprehensive it will be depends on the complexity levels of your products and services. But to be more specific, knowledge bases are a must for software/technology, eCommerce, membership, educational, hosting, tourism, and all other websites that involve payments and transactions.

Final Words on Best WordPress Knowledge Base Plugin

Customer support and satisfaction are two prerequisites for the success of any online business today. According to numerous statistics, 47% of US adults tend to abandon a brand that fails to provide quick answers to any questions. 

This is why having a resourceful knowledge base has become. If many customers start seeking support on chat/ticket/phone, it may not be possible to render support to all of them simultaneously.

A resourceful knowledge base integrated with an advanced search box and a chatbot can save you and ensure customer satisfaction. Let’s explore the knowledge base plugins listed above, and let us know in the comment box which one you have selected.