10 Best WordPress Documentation Management Plugins for 2023

Documentation refers to written or visual materials that provide guides, tutorials, and explanations about products, systems, and services. Its primary purpose is to convey information about development, troubleshooting, and product usage.

But most businesses today face a common problem. They fail to curate and present all the necessary documents in organized ways. So, it becomes difficult for users to find their desired documentation in the easiest and fastest way.

Using a documentation management plugin can save you from the problem.

What is A WordPress Documentation Management Plugin?

A WordPress documentation management plugin is a software that allows you to create, store, and present documents organizingly on WordPress websites. It provides various helpful ways like a chatbot and search box so users can easily find needful documents.

In addition, documentation plugins offer some other crucial features. For example, pre-built templates, drag and drop organizer, FAQ builder, advanced analytics, and scrollable table of contents to create and manage your documentation more effectively.

Why Should You Use A Documentation Management Plugin?

If you still need clarification about the importance of documentation plugins, this section will hopefully open your eyes. We’ll explain here some pivotal reasons why you should use a documentation management plugin.

a. Content Creation and Structured Organization

Documentation management plugins provide the tools and interfaces to create, edit, and format the documentation content. This can include a robust text editor, multimedia embedding, set tags, categorizations, and regular updating options.

b. Customization and Stylizing

Most documentation plugins offer readymade templates with a drag-and-drop editor to create a layout for your documentation section. You can also use a personalized color scheme, typography, font family, and URL structure.

c. Track User Search Intent

Best documentation plugins include built-in analytics. It can help you track the user intent, their behavior, and most read content. Accordingly, you can decide on the changes you need to implement and add new content to the documentation.

d. Facilitate Remote work

An organized repository of information can empower users to find answers to their questions without depending much on the support team. It is equally helpful for satisfying customers and facilitating the remote working environment.

e. Save Time and Resources

As you can neatly categorize your content with the documentation plugin, users and customers can find them quickly. You don’t have to invest much time in document presentation as they provide clean and organized layouts.

10 Best WordPress Documentation Management Plugins

Hope you are convinced about the importance of documentation management plugins. We’ll now introduce you to some of the best WordPress documentation management plugins in this section. If your site is on WordPress, you can use them to manage your documents seamlessly –

1. Document Library Pro

Document Library Pro

Document Library Pro is a versatile WordPress plugin to manage documentation and publish it in folders with categories and subcategories. In addition to traditional documentation files (guide, tutorial, how-to content), it lets you manage files like images, videos, PPT, Excel, etc.

A standout feature of the plugin is allowing users to upload files from the frontend through a form. If you want to open it for others to contribute to your knowledge base voluntarily, Document Library Pro is a great option.

You can also set passwords for certain types of files to restrict their access to specific uses. Customization options are built-in with the plugin. You can customize the document library’s color, fonts, and layouts as you want.

Key features of the Document Library Pro plugin

  • Add, upload, or import documents both from the backend and frontend
  • Allows web visitors and users to download the files
  • Check submitted files from users before publishing them
  • Display the library documents anywhere on your site
  • Flexibility to personalize the library with 50+ customization options
  • Create a private document library with password protection
  • Display documents, whether by the grid or table layout

Price of the Document Library Pro plugin

It has a free version available on WordPress.org named Document Library Lite. However, the price of the Document Library Pro plugin starts from $129/year with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

2. weDocs

weDocs Knowledge Base Plugin

Creating documentation is now more exciting with weDocs. This is a handy plugin for creating detailed documentation about your products, plugins, and software. You can categorize the doc content by tags, categories, and sections.

The drag-and-drop feature lets you order the content and move to another section or category any time you want. weDocs have recently integrated the AI Chatbot feature. It will allow users to quickly find documentation by submitting a prompt in the chatbox.

They don’t have to explore the entire knowledge base to find their desired content. However, weDocs doesn’t allow accepting files and docs from web visitors like the Document Library Pro. So you don’t need to validate each content from normal users manually.

Key features of the weDocs plugin

  • Helps in creating multiple knowledge bases comprehensively
  • Robust, intuitive, and user-friendly dashboard
  • Shortcodes to showcase doc content on any part of your site
  • Drag and drop feature to quickly order documentation files
  • Has integrations with Elementor and Divi
  • Customization includes color scheme, typography, and layout
  • Compatible with popular WordPress language plugins

Price of the weDocs plugin

weDocs has a free plugin available on WordPress.org. Its premium version starts from …………………………

3. BetterDocs

BetterDocs Knowledge Base Plugin

BetterDocs is a wonderful documentation management plugin. You are bound to fall in love after using this plugin at least once due to its feature-richness. Its clean and modern design will help you understand its ecosystem in the fastest possible time.

You’ll find tons of documentation, tutorials, and video guides online to learn using this plugin. BetterDocs has a good collection of redesigned templates. You can create stunning landing pages for your knowledge base using these templates.

You can use FAQ builder and instant answering chatbot to take your knowledge bases to the next level. Betterdocs is, so far, the highest-rated documentation plugin. In case of any problem, you’ll get instant support from them if you are a premium user.

Key features of the BetterDocs plugin

  • Built-in powerful analytics track the performance of each documentation
  • Has a search bar to help you quickly find the necessary doc
  • Informs you about the knowledge base performance with emails
  • Integrations with Elementor and Gutenberg block editor
  • Supports scrollable table of contents and multilingual translation
  • Lets you create FAQ sections on your documentation
  • Chatbot can also help you quickly find necessary docs by prompts

Price of the BetterDocs plugin

BetterDocs has a free plugin available on WordPress.org. Its premium version is $69/year with a 14-day refund policy.

4. Echo Knowledge Base

Echo Knowledge Base Plugin

Echo Knowledge Base is another wonderful WordPress documentation management plugin for creating and managing comprehensive knowledge bases. This plugin also helps you custom-order your doc files using the drag-and-drop feature.

Echo Knowledge Base also helps you add an advanced search box to the knowledge base. Though it doesn’t have a built-in chat box yet, you can enable it using the Help Dialog Chat Plugin, which is still completely free to use.

In addition to these, visitors can use the tags and categories to narrow down the search results to find out the useful documentation list. You can customize user roles like author, editor, and manager so workers can contribute to the knowledge base rightfully.

Key features of the Echo Knowledge Base plugin

  • Has 26 pre-designed templates and 500+ custom fonts
  • Allows the creation of five levels of documentation hierarchy
  • Design and publish a coming soon section on the archive page
  • Generate a sticky-floating table of contents beside the article
  • Shortcode to showcase certain selected docs on particular pages
  • Integrations with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Divi, and Visual Composer
  • Ability to hide or display comments on articles

Price of the Echo Knowledge Base plugin

Echo Knowledge Base has a free version available on WordPress.org. Its premium version starts from $46/year with a 30-day refund policy.

5. Helpie WP

Helpie Knowledge Base Plugin

Helpie WP is an advanced WordPress plugin to create FAQ, Accordion, and Doc files. Its specialization isn’t limited only to FAQ and Accordion. The plugin can create various knowledge bases, private wikis, and product documentation.

A standout feature of the plugin is allowing other people and visitors to contribute to your documentation. After a thorough or minimal checking, you can publish them on the frontend. Good contributions from others can remarkably reduce your workload.

Using shortcodes, you can use tags and categories to group FAQs and display them on part of your website. Helpie WP has integrations with popular page builder plugins.

Key features of the Helpie WP plugin

  • Creates wikis and knowledge bases separately for customers and teams
  • Comes with demo templates to get ready knowledge base pages
  • Supports creating helpful product documentation
  • Integrations with WooCommerce, Elementor, and other popular plugins
  • The frontend editor lets users voluntarily contribute to the wiki knowledge base
  • Advanced table of contents ensures easy navigation
  • Offers customization and premium customer support

Price of the Helpie WP plugin

Helpie WP has a free version available on WordPress.org. Its premium version is $49/year with a 30-day refund policy.

6. BasePress

BasePress Knowledge Base Plugin

BasePress is a promising WordPress documentation management plugin with dozens of positive ratings and reviews. You can create unlimited knowledge bases and wikis with the plugin and present them, creating as many section hierarchies as you want.

After activating the plugin, you’ll get a dedicated wizard that will take only five minutes to set up the documentation environment. BasePress offers three demo templates to get your wiki interface instantly.

In addition, you’ll have the optimum level of control over doc content. You can limit user access to certain doc content if you want.

Key features of the BasePress plugin

  • Advanced search bar with live results
  • Create unlimited section hierarchy and present them with boxed and list view
  • Drag and drop feature to order your documentation content
  • Breadcrumbs and icon library to ease the navigation process
  • Built-in stat board shows which articles have been mostly read
  • Shortcode generator helps display your article anywhere on your site

Price of the BasePress plugin

BasePress has a free version on WordPress.org. Its premium version starts from $199/year with a 14-day refund policy.

7. HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch Knowledge Base Plugin

HelpCrunch is a relatively new plugin. But after using and exploring, it seems like this one is going to be a promising WordPress documentation management plugin. Most of the features described in the above plugins, you will find here as well, except allowing users to contribute from the frontend.

Installing the plugin will automatically create several knowledge base pages on your site. You can apply personalized customization before publishing them. HelpCrunch has a live chat option by which you can communicate with visitors and customers in real-time.

HelpCrunch lets you manage Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and Viber conversions in one place. Besides, its AI chatbot can instantly show the documentation visitors want based on the prompt.

Key features of HelpCrunch

  • Allows to display knowledge base using widgets and pages
  • Email automation lets you send documentation as newsletters
  • Built-in analytics to check the performance of email campaigns
  • Popup builder to catch visitors’ attention smartly
  • Integrations with Zapier, Slack, Google Tag Manager, and more
  • Send special discounts to users through the chatbot

Price of the HelpCrunch plugin

HelpCrunch has a free version available on WordPress.org. Its premium version starts from $12/month with a 30-day refund policy.

8. WP Docs

WP Docs Plugin

WP Docs is a free plugin to manage different types of files and documents on your WordPress site. It allows you to create unlimited files and subfiles to store and manage documents. You can set the desired name for each folder to facilitate quick categorization and finding the required file.

You can also use icons alongside folder names. Each document library will create a new post that you can display on the frontend using a shortcode. WP Docs supports Breadcrumb for better navigation. Ajax technology shows live search results to users.

Key features of the WP Docs plugin

  • Supports a breadcrumb bar
  • Ajax-powered search results on the frontend
  • Document preview and thumbnail option for most file types
  • Display documents anywhere on the website using shortcodes
  • Each folder comes up with a separate shortcode
  • Easy to create and delete unlimited files, directories, and sub-directories

Price of the WP Docs plugin

WP Docs have a free version available on WordPress.org. It doesn’t have a free version available yet.

9. WP Document Revisions

WP Document Revisions

WP Document Revisions can be named as a file host. It offers you solutions for handling time-sensitive and mission-critical projects. It allows team members to collaborate in creating and editing any document like spreadsheets, documentation, notation music sheets, etc.

You can check the history and your team’s progress rate with the plugin. If you come across any glitch that wasn’t corrected before, no worries! You can revert your file to the previous version and start editing it again. You can also set passwords to protect sensitive files from unauthorized access.

Key features of the WP Document Revisions plugin

  • Lets you handle any type of file (docs, images, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc.)
  • Stores unlimited revisions of your documentation
  • Shows real-time process on files and documentation
  • Allows multiple team people to collaborate on the same file
  • It is easy to make documents public, private, and password-protected

Price of the WP Document Revisions plugin

WP Document Revisions has a free version available on WordPress.org. It doesn’t have a premium version.

10. WPYog Documents

WPYog Documents

WPYog Documents is the last tool on our list. This one is also a free and versatile WordPress documentation management plugin. It can help you handle various document files, from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF to all the other types.

You can create categories and show files by their names or IDs. Once your files and categories are ready, you can add them to your desired posts and pages using shortcodes. Users can harness the category filter for sorting files and documents effectively.

Key features of the WPYog Documents plugin

  • Offers an intuitive dashboard to manage documents
  • Allows you to order documents, whether by dates or ID
  • Users can download files from the frontend
  • You can hide particular files from displaying on the frontend
  • Easy to generate shortcodes for displaying content

Price of the WPYog Documents plugin

WPYog Documents have a free version available on WordPress.org. It doesn’t have a premium version yet.

FAQ on WordPress Documentation Management Plugins

Before concluding the discussion, I will answer the five most frequently asked questions about WordPress documentation management plugins. Please keep reading to explore them.

Final Words!

Creating user guides and documentation is one of the most important elements in successfully marketing products and services today. But it should not be limited to creating these things. Users should be able to find them effectively when needed.

To make this task easier, we have discussed various helpful documentation plugins in this article. Hope you find the right one for you among them. We request you to tell us in the comment box which one you have selected.