Use InboxWP to Streamline Your WordPress Transactional Email Delivery with Confidence

If you have any online business, be it a product or service-selling website, you obviously know about transactional emails. They are emails carrying personalized messages triggered by specific actions like order submission, payment completion, password reset, etc.

A significant part of your business success depends on how well you can get these emails to hit users’ inboxes. But we have seen the default WordPress systems often struggle and end up hitting these emails in the spam section. This can greatly increase the chances of your business loss.

InboxWP can be a friendly solution to help you out of this crisis. This plugin is designed to handle WordPress transactional emails and ensure higher email deliverability. This article will help walk you through the plugin, explaining its key features, benefits, and more.

Let’s jump into the main discussion and keep reading it to the end.

What is InboxWP? In a Nutshell

InboxWP is an advanced WordPress plugin to manage and deliver transactional emails flawlessly in time. It includes various exciting, robust features that simplify handling all types of transactional emails you can think about.

InboxWP has integrations with all the popular WordPress plugins, like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, membership plugins, and others. This seamless compatibility allows you to incorporate InboxWP into your existing workflow, 

Remember, InboxWP is neither a marketing plugin nor has any marketing or campaign solutions. They solely focus on transactional emails, which move around high delivery rates and minimize the risk of emails ending up in spam folders.

As a result, you can have peace of mind in starting a new business or maintaining an existing one with the plugin. 

Reasons to Use the InboxWP Plugin

As a WordPress user, you must know that the CMS uses a PHP-based default system, the WP_mail function, to send emails. But this default system is configured with various complex settings and technical incompatibilities. For example, PHP emails can’t support SMTP authentication or have an external SMTP server.

This means your emails won’t have proper spam protection. So, if you stick with the default wp_mail sender, there’s a high chance that your WordPress emails will end up in spam folders. This is where InboxWP comes in.

This robust WordPress plugin is designed to handle all your transactional emails and ensure the maximum delivery rate (99.5%). This covers the mechanisms of addressing the limitations of PHP emails. Below are the things InboxWP can do for you.

  • Reputable and secured server for a high delivery rate
  • Dedicated customer support in the case of any problem
  • Integration facilities with numerous popular WordPress plugins
  • Customizable email signature option

To know more benefits of the plugin, keep reading the key feature section covered below.

Standout Features of the InboxWP Plugin

Standout Features Of The Inboxwp Plugin

So far, you have learned about InboxWP in brief. Now, we’ll discuss all the major features of the plugin in detail in this section so you have a better idea of it. Keep reading.

1. Easy to Setup

Installing and activating the plugin is the same as other WordPress plugins. After the plugin is installed, you won’t need any extensive technical knowledge to configure it with your website. A simple setup wizard will appear, which will take you only a few minutes to connect your WordPress site to the plugin. After that, everything will run very smoothly.

2. Secured Email-Sending Server

We’ve already said WordPress uses the PHP mail function to send emails, which has many limitations. Due to the lack of right authentications, most of your emails are flagged as spam, preventing them from being delivered.

InboxWP resolves these issues by reconfiguring the wp_mail() function to use proper SMTP host credentials or a built-in SMTP mail provider. It ensures that emails are sent from a trusted source. So, email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and others don’t mark your emails as spam.

All these improve the email delivery rate in the end.

3. Centralized Dashboard

The centralized dashboard provides a single and centralized location to monitor the performance of all the transactional emails. This dashboard covers a range of functionalities that help users track important metrics, make data-driven decisions, and optimize their email communication.

In addition, users can also monitor metrics like email delivery rates, open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates. This allows users to understand their email campaigns’ effectiveness and identify improvement areas.

Inboxwp Dashboard

4. Easy Integration with Popular WordPress Plugins

InboxWP supports integration with a wide range of WordPress plugins that have the capability to trigger transactional emails. Hope you can now imagine them. They are form plugins, eCommerce plugins, membership plugins, newsletter plugins, etc.

By integrating InboxWP with these plugins, you can streamline your workflow. This will give you peace of mind that you can now grow your business, offering additional services.

5. Works with Popular Email Clients

Email clients are applications or web servers that allow you to send, receive, and manage email messages. Some popular email clients are Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Apple Mail. InboxWP ensures that transactional emails sent through the plugin are optimized for these email clients.

This optimization enhances the deliverability of your emails. It also ensures that emails are sent properly to all users regardless of the email clients they are using. This can surely improve your business potential.

6. Customizable Email Signature Option

The customizable email signature option lets you personalize and modify the signature block at the end of your transactional emails. With InboxWP, you just need to check your email DNS record. After that, you can design your special email signature as you want.

Once the verification is done, everyone who receives emails from you will see the unique signature. This can also help build trust, increase brand recognition, and encourage recipients to engage with your business beyond email communication.

Email Signature

7. Detailed Email Log for Tracking Email Performance

This feature provides you with detailed information, like the recipient, subject, date, and status of each email. This serves as a valuable medium for you to track and analyze the performance of your transactional emails.

In case of any critical issue, you can use this email log for troubleshooting and debugging. This can help you identify any inconsistency and take respective measures to resolve the problem.

8. Round the Clock Customer Support

InboxWP has a dedicated customer support team. They promise you to receive timely help and guidance whenever you face any face technical problems with the plugin. No matter what time zone you are in, you will get help from this support team 24 hours a day.

A Quick Guide on How to Set Up the InboxWP Plugin

We’ll now present to you a quick demonstration to explain how easy it is to set up the InboxWP plugin.

Step 01: Install and Activate the InboxWP Plugin

Navigate to your WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins > Add New Plugin. Click the Upload Plugin button. Select the ZIP file of the InboxWP plugin using the Choose file button.

Install The Inboxwp Plugin

Once installed, press the Activate Plugin button.

Activate The Plugin

Step 02: Connect the InboxWP Plugin to Your Site

Look for the newly added menu named InboxWP on the left-side admin menu bar.

Go to InboxWP and click on it. On the interface, press the Connect your website button. Allow some time for the process to complete.

Connect The InboxWP Plugin To Your Website

You’ll be redirected to the pricing page. Choose your desired plan and enter your credentials to complete the connection process.

Subscribe To Inboxwp

After completing the purchase, a message confirming your subscription will appear on the screen.

Inboxwp Subscription Confirmed

Now, test the functionality of the plugin yourself by sending transactional emails to demo accounts. For additional configurations, visit the InboxWP documentation.

In case of any issues, contact the support team for assistance.

Pricing Plans of the InboxWP Plugin

InboxWP has two straightforward pricing plans with no hidden costs. They are Personal and Agency plans.

Pricing Plans Of Inboxwp

Personal Plan

The Personal Plan charges you $14.99/month. But as the promotional offer is going on, you can purchase this plan for $7.99/month till the offer ends. You can use this plan to send unlimited transactional emails.

Agency Plan

The Agency Plan charges you $15/month after the 40% on the real price. You can use this plan on ten websites and send up to fifteen thousand transactional emails.

InboxWP offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, you can cancel the plans anytime.

Final Remarks

When it comes to selecting or buying a WordPress transactional email-sending solution, the checklist is clear. You need things like seamless user experience, easy setup, and maximum deliverability.

InboxWP not only checks all these requirements but also does so with a competitive pricing structure. So, why don’t you try the plugin? Let us know your feedback about the plugin in the comment section.