How to Improve Customer Support Experience With weDocs

Customer support experience holds immense significance in shaping brand perception and customer satisfaction. According to numerous studies, an average of three out of five customers believe only efficient customer support can make them loyal to particular brands and encourage them to buy again.

But to provide efficient support, any organization must have sufficient employees. If the organization is global, the support team needs to be active 24/7. Each of these factors can potentially increase the cost of any organization. weDocs could be a cost-effective solution in this case.

weDocs is mainly a WordPress documentation plugin. However, it has many exciting features to simplify knowledge base management, enabling users to navigate the information they need quickly. In this article, we’ll explain how to improve customer support experience with weDocs. Get started!

What is Customer Support Experience?

Customer Support Experience refers to the collective interactions and engagements customers have with a company after they seek any guidance or assistance. It covers the entire customer journey, from the initial point of contact to finding solutions to their problems.

A positive customer support experience can successfully build trust, increase customer satisfaction, and strengthen brand loyalty. Customer support experience can take various forms, like phone calls, live chats, emails, social media interaction, and knowledge bases.

But it’s impossible for all organizations, especially small and medium organizations, to provide customer support through so many channels together. Because it is not possible for them to bear such expenses. In this case, having a viable knowledge base could be a great solution as it doesn’t cost much money.

Customer Experience vs Customer Support

Customer Experience Vs Customer Support

There is still considerable confusion among many people regarding the conceptual difference between customer experience and customer support. We will clear it in a short discussion in this section.

Customer ExperienceCustomer Support
It encompasses all touchpoints, including pre and post-purchases.Focuses on providing assistance in solving specific issues.
Educate customers so they can self-help themeselves.Addresses customer inquiries and technical problems.
Involves multi-channels, like marketing, branding, product design, etc.Operates through service channels, like phone, email, live chat, etc.
Engages multiple official teams, including production, marketing, and sales.Engages the support team only.
Metrics tracked are customer satisfaction and lifetime value.Metrics tracked are quick response time and ticket volume handled.

What is weDocs?

weDocs Knowledge Base Plugin

weDocs is a WordPress-based documentation creation and management plugin. It allows you to create and manage knowledge bases, documentation, and wiki pages on your WordPress website. The plugin provides a user-friendly interface for creating documentation.

The drag-and-drop feature allows you to organize your documentation through a nested style easily. You can even create multiple knowledge bases on your website with the plugin. So, if you have multiple products or services, you can create separate knowledge bases for each of them.

How to Improve Customer Support Experience with weDocs

weDocs has many advanced features. We’ll explain these features in the following section while describing how they can improve your customer support experience with them. Keep reading!

1. Educate Users with Great-Looking Documentation

Educating users should be one of your first priorities, as it will enable them to find solutions to their own problems. And the first thing you need to do for this is create helpful content. weDocs is highly compatible with Gutenberg blocks and page builders like Elementor.

As a result, you can easily add images, videos, and any type of content to make your documentation more engaging and user-friendly. So, if you ever think of covering tutorial guides through documentation posts, weDocs will make it easier.

For example, If there is a list of options or elements you want to describe about your product in the documentation, you can show the list of those elements on the right sidebar. Users just have to click on those options to explore the documentation on the topic or element.

Create Great Looking Documentation For Your Products With Wedocs

Learn how to create effective customer education strategies.

2. Create a Dynamic Customer Persona to Target Users

The customer persona is also known as the buyer persona. It’s a semi-fictional representation of your target audience so that you can target your marketing campaign. You can create user personas based on factors like demographics, job roles, and skill levels.

This will enable you to create documentation that is relevant and useful to your target audience. The advantage of using weDocs is that if you have multiple customer personas, you can create multiple knowledge bases for them using this plugin.

Maybe your organization has multiple products and services. As a result, you will have multiple segments of target audience according to that product. You can apply the multiple knowledge base creation approach in this case. Here’s a guide on how to create a buyer persona.

3. Create Documentation Covering All the User Pain-Points

Once your customer persona is ready, it will be easy for you to understand their touch points and potential queries that may come from them. Accordingly, you can tailor your documentation to address their specific requirements. By covering pain points and solutions to their specific challenges.

For example, you can create troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and step-by-step tutorials. This can remarkably improve the customer support experience. Clear and concise instructions can help users find solutions to many problems without needing to depend on the live support team.

Solve Customer Pain Points

4. Empower Employees with Internal Knowledge Base

Employees are the frontline spokespersons. Employees could be of various types, such as marketers, managers, developers, sellers, etc. Keeping employees blind to the target audiences, products’ market potentials, and other important factors will make it difficult for your business to make progress.

With weDocs, you can create internal manuals and documentation. These internal manuals will contain all the information related to the organization, operations, products, and services. So whenever a new employee joins, he can quickly familiarize himself by reading all these manuals.

Organizations won’t need to arrange training sessions. This will save time and cost for the organization while making employees prompt in adapting to the culture.

5. Work as a Team Distributing Roles and Permissions

weDocs has a robust role and permission management system. It allows you to assign specific roles and permissions to team members. You can ensure the right set of people have access to the necessary documentation and support materials. They can also contribute to the knowledge base by writing articles per the authority assigned.

Roles and permissions that you can manage with this plugin are Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber. If you feel it is safe, you can allow some respected users to provide their suggestions and inputs as contributions.

6. Provide Instant Answers through the AI-Powered Chatbot

After customers and users submit a query, the AI-powered chatbot will present relevant answers in a fraction of a second based on information published in your knowledge base documentation. weDocs has an Assistant Widget powered by ChatGPT.

This chatbot is programmed to provide automated and immediate responses based on the asked questions. So, if your support team isn’t active or out of the regular service time, the AI-powered chatbot can even solve numerous problems.

Ai Powered Chatbot

7. Track User Behavior with Real-Time Analytics

You can track in real-time which documentation posts users are searching for the most with weDocs’ analytics. By analyzing their behavior and interactions, like search queries, page views, and time spent on specific documentation, you can gain insights into their pain points.

By leveraging this data, you can make informed decisions to optimize your documentation further to ensure a better customer support experience.

8. Set Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Documentation

By defining key performance indicators (KPIs), you can regularly monitor the effectiveness of your documentation. If you find some documentation posts aren’t performing well according to the user behavior, you can optimize and enhance them for the betterment.

You can track metrics like user satisfaction ratings, the number of support ticket creations that declined, the average time spent on how-to documentation, etc. Here again, by setting goals and measurable metrics, you can identify areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions to enhance the customer support experience.

9. Provide Multiple Search and Navigation Options

You can categorize and arrange your documentation separately in a 3-level nested style under particular titles. You can separate them based on sections and sub-sections. This will enable users to easily find specific articles by expanding the nested documentation by clicking on the topic they need.

Secondly, weDocs provides a quick search box. Based on the keywords you input, the quick search box will show you the results of all the related documentation, including the section where they are categorized. Besides, we have already talked about the AI-powered chatbot above. Hope you still remember how it works.

Finally, weDocs has an assistant widget feature. It allows you to explore the linked documentation without having to leave the existing article. The assistant widget is actually a doc opener. Once you users click on any linked anchor text, it opens up a linked documentation with a pop-up-like a window on the same post.

Such multiple search and navigation options can really make a big impact in improving the customer support experience.

Provide Multiple Search And Navigation Options

10. Use Floating Contact Form for Communication with Users

The floating contact form comes with the chatbox. After opening the chatbox, you’ll get three tabs – explore, messaging, and AI chat. The messaging tab will provide you with the contact form. With this form, your users can submit their queries so you can reply to them personally through emails.

This floating contact form also allows users to attach files like docs and PDFs so they can demonstrate their problems with more clarity.

11. Embed Documentation Anywhere Using Shortcodes

If your website is designed with any page builder plugin, you can add documentation posts using shortcodes to the posts and pages designed with page builders. This feature is also helpful in embedding specific sections and articles of your documentation directly into support and product pages.

How to Get Started with weDocs

weDocs is a very simple documentation plugin. Neither will it take you much time nor cause you any hassle in installing the plugin. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with the plugin.

Get into your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Plugins > Add New Plugin.

Type weDocs in the search box in the top-right corner. Install and activate the plugin after it appears below.

Install and activate the weDocs plugin

After you activate the plugin, you’ll see the weDocs menu appearing on the admin menubar. Go to weDocs > Docs.

It’s time to start creating documentation. Click the + New doc button.

Give a title to the new knowledge base. Press the Publish button. Then, you’ll be allowed to add sections and articles to the knowledge base.

Come to weDocs on the admin menu bar

Here’s how documentation looks in a nested way under the main knowledge base.

How sections and articles look under the main documentation

Thus, you can create a knowledge base with weDocs to shoot up customer support experience. To learn more, visit this post on how to create documentation with weDocs.

FAQ on How to Improve Customer Support Experience

Here, we’ll answer the five most frequently asked questions commonly found online around the topic of how to improve customer support experience.

Finishing Notes!

We hope it’s clear by now that weDocs can provide you with numerous ways to improve your customer support experience that can directly impact your business growth and performance. Documentation created with weDocs can also provide SEO leverage, making your content more visible on search engines.

Before buying its premium version, you can use its lite version to try and check its free features. If you face any problem or have any query, you can submit it to the support team. You can also mention your query in the comment box. We’ll get back to you soon with a viable answer. Enjoy your days!