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How to Create a Documentation

weDocs lets you create unlimited product documentation files. You can create an organized knowledge base for your products and manage them accordingly with weDocs.

Let’s see how you can create documentation for your product using weDocs.

Get Started with weDocs

We are going to show you how to create your first documentation using weDocs. This documentation will act as the main documentation where you can add sections, articles under those sections.

To create documentation, go to WP Admin–> weDocs–> Add Doc.

add doc
Add a New Doc

Now, you need to enter the title of the documentation. You can add the name of your product as the document title. This way if you have many products then you can easily differentiate between them. After entering the title click the OK button to finish

enter title
Enter Doc Title

Now you can see that your first documentation is created.

doc added
Documentation Created

How simple was that!

Next, you need to start creating articles under documentation.

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