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How to customize colors of Assistant Widget

If you’re looking to add some more variations to the assistant widget, the custom color palette option will help you do that.

Suppose you want to match the assistant widget color’s with your theme or website’s template. So this handy option of the WordPress documentation plugin will let you achieve an elegant look.

So now, tap on “custom color palette.

Custom color palette

Choose the color from the custom color picker, and you can see the side-by-side changes on the right screen.

Applying custom color to the assistant widget

Also, for the message-sending tab, you can do the same thing.

Applying custom color on the message-sending tab

Once you’re satisfied with the color combination, hit the save button to see if it’s working properly.

Frontend view of the assistant widget

You can also reset all the settings if you want to get the previous design back.

Resetting the assistant widget design

So that’s how you can use the custom color palette of the assistant widget!

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