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Restricting Docs for Admins

You can restrict other users from editing, deleting, or updating your preferred documentation using the WordPress docs plugin. Only by following some simple steps can you easily do that.

Let’s see how to restrict your documentation for other users!

First, enter any of your documentation!

Restricting other users from using a documentation

Next, expand your preferred documentation. Here you can see the “three dots” option on each article.

Expanding the docs for enabling restriction option

Hover on the dots, and you can see “Restrict editing for admin only“. Just click on it!

Enabling the documentation restriction option

You’ll see a pop-up window. Now click on “I’m Sure“.

Confirmation message of restricting article

After you click on it, you’ll see a “lock icon” beside your preferred article. That means only the admin can edit, remove, or update this article.

How to restrict an article in weDocs

Alternatively, you can unlock this article just by clicking on the Icon. Again, you’ll see the message to unlock the article.

Unlocking the article

That’s all you have, unrestricted documentation!

Unrestricting the documentation in weDocs

How other users will see the article

Now, when a user enters the main documentation page, s/he can see the preferred article is locked by the admin. And rest of the documentation is still editable

How other users will see the article

So whenever a user wants to access the documentation, s/he will get this message.

How other users will see the article

So that’s how you can restrict users from getting access to any documentation!

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