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User Permission management

You can manage your user’s permission-related things using weDocs. You may have a large team that regularly uses your product knowledge base. However, giving access to all users may violate privacy or pose the threat of losing sensitive information.

To mitigate these issues, the WordPress documentation plugin is right there to help. Yes, you can easily manage, customize, and set your own priority-based conditions on your documentation for different users.

Let’s see how to do it step-by-step!

First, open the settings in weDocs. For that, navigate to weDocs>Settings>Permission Management.

Permission management feature

Here you’ll get two options:

  1. Global doc permission settings
  2. Who can manage weDocs settings

Global doc permission settings

By configuring this option, you can determine who will get edit access to all the documentation.

Setting up the doc user permission

Let’s see how it works!

Suppose you want to give edit access to your editor. For that, choose the editor from here.

Giving edit access to editor

Now log in as an Editor. And you can see that s/he is getting edit access to the entire documentation!

Getting access to the documentation as an editor

You can see the editing option is available. So this option works for all categories.

Editing capability of an editor

But other users, like Contributor, can’t see anything on the documentation page.


Who can manage weDocs Settings?

Like editing accessibility, you can also control who can edit WordPress document settings. With this option, you can easily do that.

who can manage weDocs settings

Suppose you want your editors and contributors to edit weDocs settings. In this case, you can select them here.

Customizing weDocs settings option

To see whether it’s working or not, log in as a subscriber.

Logging as a subscriber to see the edit access working or not

Now log in as a contributor or editor. You can see that the settings option is available and accessible.

Getting access as an editor

Individual documentation permission management

Under each document, you’ll see another permission management setting. By managing this, you can individually manage, control, and customize the permissions for your WordPress knowledge base plugin.

Click on it, and you’ll find two options:

  1. Privacy settings
  2. User role management
User permission settings of weDocs

The current viewing option is set to “Public“. Now change this option to “Private.“. Then hit the save button!

Changing the doc privacy public to private

Now preview it from the front. As per the rule, “it will only be visible to logged-in users,” so visitors will not see this documentation.

Frontend view of the documentation

Now again, turn it to “public” and preview it.

The documentation is appearing from the frontend

Individual user role management

You can assign roles, control access levels, and collaborate seamlessly on documentation from here. You can stay with the Global settings, or you can set a custom setting.

User role management for weDocs

Choose the custom settings. And set the user role!

As you can see, only the editor has editing capability on this documentation. Don’t forget to hit the save button after you make any changes.

Managing user role for documentation

View the documentation from the front. Click on the documentation.

Editing from the frontend

Click on the “edit documentation” button.

Editing documentation as a editor

Here you go. Now you can see that the editing option is available.

Editing the documentation as a editor

Now let’s see how other users see the editing option. Log in as a contributor and follow the same process!

Oops! You’ll get this message!

Editing option for contributor, or 

So this is how you can set up your users and manage who can access your preferred documentation or not!

Managing permission for draft posts in weDocs

Navigate to the weDocs documentation page and choose a drafted parent document.

Here on the WordPress Dashboard > weDocs. Choose the drafted parent documentation.

To do that, tap on the three-dotted icon on the top-right corner. This will open a list with different options. Click on the option Permission Management.

setting up the permission management options

Here on the permission management page, you’ll get a drop-down box next to the option. Select the Custom option from the drop-down list.

Choosing the custom permission

You will see users appearing on the screen. Now, set respective roles for them. Hit the save button at the end.

Giving access to the users depending on the custom permission settings

Once you have entered the documentation page as the above user, you can see and access the documentation file.

getting the access of the documentation page

Thus, you can customize the user-based role management of weDocs.

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