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How to Create a Tag

Tags help you categorize your WordPress posts and pages. Every post can contain different tags and users click on a tag to find similar kinds of posts.

You can assign tags to your documentations, sections, and articles easily using weDocs. To assign a tag you first need to create a tag.

Creating Tags

To create a tag, go to WP Admin–>weDocs–> Tags. Now, add your Tag name, slug, and description. Click on the Add New Item button to finish.

add tag
Add a New Tag

After saving your tag, you will see the new Tag in the taglist.

Tag Added to the List

You can add a tag while writing the documentation as well. From the right-hand side menu under the Tag option,

Add Tag From Inside the Documentation

Write your tags name and use “,” to create a tag.

tag created
Tags Added

This is how you can create tags using weDocs.

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