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How to Create a Section

Under the documentation, weDocs lets you can add several sections. These sections will act as the categories of your documentation. Like, if you have many ” How to” tutorials you can create a section called ” How to” and add all the tutorials under them.


  • How to —> this is the section
    • How to create a plugin –> this is the article under the section
    • How to install a plugin. –> this is the article under the section
    • How to sell a plugin and so on…

How to Create Sections

Let’s see how to create a section using weDocs.

To create a section, click on the Section button located under the Documentation you created.

click on section
Add a Section

Enter the title and click OK.

enter title of the section
Enter the Title of the Section

Your section is created.

section is created
Section created

This is how you can easily create a section. Now lets see how you can create articles under the section.

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