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How to change the parent in weDocs

You can create unlimited articles inside a single section and those sections act as the parent doc to those articles. By using the WordPress documentation plugin – weDocs, you can easily do that to rearrange your articles.

Let’s learn step-by-step how to do that:

Changing the parent doc of an article

To change the parent doc, click on the section you want to change its parent doc.

Changing the parent documentation under the main doc

Now, in the left-hand side menu under Page Attributes, you will find the Parent Doc option.

Changing the parent documentation for an article

Now, choose the new parent section you want to place that particular doc:

Choosing the related parent documentation

Update the article and you will that this article has a new parent doc in the weDocs dashboard under Software Documentation C.

Preview after changing the parent of an article

This is how you can easily change the parent doc of any article and manage your documentation easily.

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