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How to restructure docs using weDocs

In the previous guide, you learned how to create an article under the section. Well, if you have a lot of sections and articles for your WordPress documentation, then weDocs can help you rearrange them smartly.

By only utilizing the drag-drop system, you can restructure your documentation position.

Here’s the initial view of the current documentation. As you can see, the documentation formation is not synchronized. Now we’ll re-order them. Let’s see how to do it.

Re arranging WordPress documentation with weDocs

Just click and hold your mouse cursor and drag it to your preferred places.

Moving main documentation to the preferred place

To re-order documentation click and hold the hamburger icon and drag it to your desired location.

how to restructure a doc in weDocs
Drag-drop the Document

Then you will see that the documentation is restructured successfully.

restructured completed
Documentation restructured

This is how you can easily re-order your documentation structure using the WordPress docs plugin – weDocs

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