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Advanced Frontend Search Option

Previously, the individual documentation posts on weDocs did not include any filter or search options. However, going forward, an advanced Ajax search option will be available on each documentation post. This will allow you to easily locate the post you need by typing in keywords and quickly navigating to it.

Let’s see how the feature works!

How to use the weDocs advanced search option

Well, this feature is available in both the free and premium versions of weDocs.

Now, head over to the main documentation page. Click on any documentation post.

Note: By the way, you’ll still get a default search box on the main documentation page. But for a quick search, you can use this feature.

Opening a new page

Here, either you can directly click on the search bar or you can press (Command+K) on Mac or (Crtl+K) on Windows.

Quick search-bar option

A quick search window will open. Just type your preferred documentation or the keyword on your mind. It will appear here.

How to use the quick search option

So, this is how the quick search option works.

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